Executive Board

The European Humanist Federation is run by a board which meets four times a year and the members of which are elected for terms of 3 years by the General Assembly. People working for the EHF come from various countries and are deeply committed to secularism and the principles of justice and equality. On 19 May 2017, a new board was elected. the below list show the name of its 15 members. Pictures and short resumes will be added very soon. 

  • President: Giulio Ercolessi (Coord. Nazionale delle Consulte per la Laicità delle Istituzioni, Italy)
  • Vice-President: Michael Bauer (Humanistischer Verband Deutschlands, Germany)
  • Vice-President: Kaja Bryx (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Racjonalistów, Poland)
  • Treasurer: Jean De Brueker (Centre d’Action Laïque, Belgium)      
  • Raluca Ciocian-Ardeleanu (Asocia?ia Secular-Umanist? din România, Romania)      
  • Véronique De Keyser (Centre d’Action Laïque, Belgium)   
  • Ineke de Vries (Humanistisch Verbond, Netherlands)        
  • Panayote Dimitras (Humanist Union of Greece, Greece)   
  • Patrik Lindenfors (Humanisterna, Sweden)           
  • David Lopez (La Ligue de l’Enseignement, France)              
  • Gordon MacRae (Humanist Society Scotland, UK)
  • Lone Ree Milkaer (Humanistisk Samfund, Denmark)         
  • Adele Orioli (Unione degli Atei e degli Agnostici Razionalisti, Italy)
  • Nada Peratovic (Center for Civil Courage, Croatia)              
  • Frank Stappaerts (deMens.nu, Belgium)