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  • 2 March 2011

    The chair of the European Parliamentary Platform for Secularism in Politics, Sophie in’t Veld MEP, has written to the President of the Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, to protest at his invitation to the Pope to address a plenary session of the Parliament (...)

  • 1 July 2010

    A case before the European Court of Human Rights that could have marked a milestone for secularism in Europe reached a sad end in March 2011 when an appeal by Italy to the Grand Chamber of the Court succeeded in reversing the Court’s original judgement in November 2009. The Court’s judgement argued that the display of the crucifix did not amount to “indoctrination” and was therefore permissible. A summary and detailed critique of the judgement…

  • 24 April 2010

    The newly formed Humanist Union of Greece has filed a complaint against the the Bishop of Kalavryta and Aegialia Amvrosios and against the Greek State (equally liable as bishops are civil servants) alleging that an article by him “intentionally incites to actions that may cause discrimination, hatred or violence and expresses ideas that offend persons or groups of persons only because of their religion

  • 7 April 2010

    Catherine Lützeler (Centre d’Action Laique, Belgium) writes: Although abortion has been decriminalized or legalized in almost all European countries, the voluntary termination of  pregnancy is still forbidden in four countries except when there is a risk to the life of the pregnant woman, or in case of rape or other sexual crime or in case of serious physical or psychological abnormalities of the foetus. Those countries are Cyprus, Malta, Ireland and Poland. On April 1st,…