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  • 3 June 2012

    Our General Assembly, Open Meeting and Conference this year were held at the end of May in Utrecht, Netherlands. The General Assembly and Open Meeting were on Friday 25 May 2102. From Friday evening to Sunday, we held a conference on Humanism and Resilience where we explored how humanism can help us in our everyday lives as citizens.  

  • 13 May 2012

    The Ombudsman in March 2012 forwarded to us for comment the EU Commission’s response to our complaint about their discrimination against us in their implementation of the Article 17 dialogue.

  • 13 May 2012

    The EHF has written to the Ombudsman with firm comments on the EU Commission’s response to our complaint about their approach to the Article 17 dialogue with us and in particular their treatment of our request for a dialogue seminar.

  • 23 April 2012

    Hans Christian Cars represented EHF at the meeting of the EU Fundamental Rights Platform for NGOs (the FRP) on 19-20 April 2012.

  • 1 March 2012

    Speaking at a seminar in Brussels yesterday, EHF president David Pollock suggested that all states in Europe were progressing, from different starting points and at different speeds, towards secularism. He was commenting on part of an EU-financed study on Identities and Modernities in Europe,...

  • 4 February 2012

    Cesare Pianciola writes: Growing organizational and financial difficulties have led the Comitato Torinese per la Laicità della Scuola – Turin Committee for Secularism in Schools – to decide at a general meeting on January 17th to cease publication of their quarterly Laicità and to dissolve the Committee.

  • 4 February 2012

    LATEST (21 February): The Christian Democratic Party has announced that it will abolish the requirement for compulsory sterilization of people undergoing a sex correction – see here. In Sweden people who have their gender reassigned from male to female or vice-versa are forced by law to be permanently sterilised. 

  • 29 January 2012

    The EHF has responded to an EU consultation on policy on illegal drugs with a strong call for a radical review of what it calls the “gross failure” of present policies. 

  • 29 January 2012

    One aspect of the question of religion in society is the increasing and often strident assertion of an unqualified right to conscientious objection on religious grounds to many civic, occupational or other duties or legal restrictions, which has serious implications for the rights of others (...)

  • 30 December 2011

    Panayote Dimitras (founder of the Humanist Union of Greece) and some of his colleagues in the Greek Helsinki Monitor (affiliated to the International Helsinki Federation) have won a case against Greece at the European Court of Human Rights.