Mobilize your MEPs to support EP report on women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

16 October 2013

On 22 October, the European Parliament will vote on an important report on women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

This report is very progressive and has been the target of a strong anti-choice opposition. Hopefully, these conservative attempts to undermine the text were first defeated during the discussions within the European parliament Women’s rights Committee.

However, we need your support to get a real mobilization of progressive forces at the European Parliament for the final vote on 22 October.

Please send the letter here below to the MEPs of your country (see the list here :


Dear Madam,

Dear Sir,

On 22 October, the European Parliament will vote on the report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights presented by Rapporteur Edite Estrela (S&D). This report is a major initiative of pro-choice MEPs and aims at protecting and promoting the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) within the EU and abroad in the EU’s development programmes. During the vote of 22 October, we encourage you to support the report as adopted by the EP FEMM Committee on 18 September.

This report calls for a strong EU action on SRHR in the context of rising obstacles such as the current economic crisis and the related cuts in the public budgets and a virulent anti-choice opposition in several EU countries (e.g. Spain and Hungary) and within European institutions (PACE, ECSR and the EP).

During prior negotiations, conservative Members of the European Parliament introduced a great deal of conservative amendments to the report with usual biased arguments, mainly the protection of the human embryo since the very beginnings (relying on the controversial ECJ Brüstle decision) and the abusive extension of the scope of
conscientious objection.

Hopefully, they were all rejected and most progressive amendments were adopted during the vote in the EP Women’s Rights Committee.

More precisely, the final report:

- Calls on the Member States to provide access to SRH services through a rights-based approach and without any discrimination;

- Recommends that, as a human rights and public health concern, high-quality abortion services should be made legal, safe, and accessible to all within the public health systems of the Member States, including non-resident women;

- Stresses that Member States should regulate and monitor the use of conscientious objection in the key professions, so as to ensure that the access to high quality SRHR services is ensured;

- Calls on the Member States to promote comprehensive sex education including the fight against stereotypes and all forms of gender violence and a positive view of LGBTI persons.

This report also addresses: Prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections; Violence related to sexual and reproductive rights; Pornography and sexualisation of young girls; SRHR in EU’s development programmes.

On 22 October, we need your support to block further anti-choice opposition and to ensure that the European Parliament as a whole commits to promote women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.

We thank you in advance for your attention.

Sincerely yours,

Pierre Galand

President of the European Humanist Federation