EHF campaigns

Help us protect people and freedoms in Bangladesh 


Since February 2015, there have been six deadly attacks on atheist, humanist, and secularist writers, bloggers, and publishers in Bangladesh, all by machete-wielding militants. Religious believers, LGBT rights activists, and university professors have also been subjected to threats and violent Islamists' attacks. So far, the government has failed to protect its citizens and has further sided with extremists.

End Blasphemy Laws  


In many countries around the world, "blasphemy" and "religious insult" are still  crimes that can lead to prison or death. The campaign was launched after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France in January 2015 by the EHF and the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) and aims at repealing blasphemy and related laws worldwide. It is now run by the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws which gather many international and national organisations. With this campaign, the EHF has also focused on the persistent blasphemy laws existing in EU countries and campaigned for their removal at European level. 

Anti-Human rights lobbying in Europe: Meet some active campaigners 


Besides official and moderate religious representation, extremist religious (mostly Christian) organisations have become very active in EU corridors, trying to impose their ideologically-driven, draconian and undemocratic agendas onto the rest of society by influencing laws and policies, with no respect for other religious and philosophical views. Discover who are the main activists.  

Oppose the anti-choice citizen initiative "One of Us" :Defend research and sexual and reproductive health and rights 


“One of us” is the second successful European Citizen Initiative validated by the European Commission. Initiated by extremist religious lobbies, the initiative calls for the protection of the human embryo in Europe, most specifically in the areas of research and EU developement aid. If it becomes law, "One of Us" will have dramatic consequences for research, women and public health. The EHF is mobilized with SRHR providers and scientific organisations against the initiative.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights ARE Human Rights 

(2013 - 2014)

In 2013, opponents to sexual and reproductive health and rights (e.g. abortion, contraception, sexuality education) worked hard to impede new progressive developments in this area, often relying on an extremist interpretation of  religious beliefs. The EHF mobilised with other human rights' NGOs to ensure the promotion of SRHR at EU level and will continue to do so in the coming years. 


EU Elections 2014: Stand for Secularism & Human Rights !


European elections in May 2014 will be crucial for humanists in Europe. The rise of radical populist parties, the persisting societal conservatism in several EU Member States and the extremist religious lobbying at EU level are challenges to the progressive values we defend. Read our requests for EU candidates.

Protecting Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe 

(2013 - 2014)

These last years, extremist and populist movements have risen and strenghtened at the heart of European democracies, increasing nationalism, xenophobic behaviours and dividing societies. If the European Union cannot act alone on this issue, it surely has a role to play to ensure the respect of democracy and the rule of law on its soil. Since 2013, the EHF has campaigned towards EU decision-makers to promote a strong European action against the rise of extremism and populism in Europe.

EU Guidelines on Freedom of Religion and Beliefs : Securing a Secular and Balanced Approach 


In June 2013, the Council of Foreign Affairs Ministers of the EU adopted the EU Guidelines on the promotion and protection of freedom of religion or belief in EU’s external policies.

The EHF closely contributed to and followed the whole process to secure a balanced and secular approach.

Keep Dogma Out of European Research 

(2012 - 2013)

This campaign aimed at removing religious restrictions from EU policy on research in the context of the adoption of “Horizon 2020″, the new pluriannual framework program for research in Europe (2014-2020).

EHF's main concern was to secure EU public funding for human embryonic stem cells research while some religious groups and conservative MEPs were trying to stop it on the ground that this research was not "ethical".

Opposing Tonio Borg's nomination at European Commission 


In November 2012, the EHF strongly opposed the nomination of the Maltese candidate Tonio Borg as EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer policy. 

We thought that his ultra-conservative views on a number of societal issues (abortion, contraception, LGBT’s rights) would be damaging for the quality of health services enjoyed by European citizens. The EHF led this campaign with several other NGOs.

No to Special Rights for Churches in the EU 

(1997 - 2004)

Deeply committed to the separation of religion and politics, the EHF strongly opposed the institutionalisation of specific relations between the European institutions and the churches/philosophical organisations. 

However, the churches obtained the creation of specific instutional arrangements (Article 17 of the TFEU) which were - reluctantly - enlarged to "non-confessional organisations". The EHF therefore decided to take this opportunity of dialogue rather than leave the floor to churches.