EHF conferences

Science, Education and Human rights, Bucharest, 2013

Keep Dogma Out of Stem Cells Research, Brussels, 2012

Moral Foundations in A Godless World, and How to Discuss Them, Genova, 2011

Women and Religion, Stockholm, 2010

Darwin, Humanism and Science, London, 2009

Symposium on Human Rights, Athens, 2008

Colloquium on Secularism and Human Rights, Brussels, 2008

Social Cohesion in a Multicultural Europe (the ‘3Is’ Conference: International, Intercultural and ‘Interconvictional’), Brussels, 2007

Secularism, Civil Rights and Neutrality of Public Institutions: Comparison of Experiences in an Intercultural Europe, Torino, 2007

Promotion of Secularism in Spain, Europe and in the EU, Toledo, 2006

The Limits of Religious Freedom, Berlin, 2005

Etre jeune en Europe, Luxemburg, 2005

Quelles sont les propositions pour la laicité dans l’Union européenne, quels partenariats et quelles modalités pour y parvenir ? Paris, 2005

La laicité dans tous ses Etats. Laicité et sécularisation dans l’Union européenne Brussels, 2005

Laicité, l’expérience belge, Istanbul, 2005

L’Europe, une chance pour la femme musulmane, Brussels, 2004

L’influence de la droite religieuse sur les politiques internationales et européennes en matiere de sexualité et d’avortement, Brussels, 2004

“Soul for Europe”, L’enseignement des religions et convictions philosophiques, Brussels, 2004

Colloquium on the proposed European Constitution, 2003

Conference on Islam and Muslims in the European area : a Challenge for Humanism, Brussels, 2003

Conference on Co-existence of Religious Communities and Humanists in Europe, Warsaw, 2002

Developing humanism in Europe, Noordwijkerhout, 2002

Civil Society in Europe – Role and action of the EHF-FHE and of its members, Ostend, 2001

The Ethics of Business, Brussels, 2001

Multicultural Society, Utrecht, 1998

European Seminar on Humanist Dialogue, Utrecht, 1996

Humanist Vision of European Integration, Warsaw, 1996

Dignity of Life – Dignity of Death, Oslo, 1995

East-West Dialogue on Democracy – Human Rights – Humanism, Berlin, 1993