Alliance Vita

Alliance Vita is a French association opposing same-sex marriage, abortion right and euthanasia.

—Alliance Vita was created in 1993 by Christine Boutin of the Christian political party "Force Vie" and became famous for its happenings against same-sex marriage. The organisation uses anynymous sites to pass along its anti-choice and anti-LGBT rights messages. Controversy arrose when its anti-choice abortion "counselling" site was uncovered by media in France. The organisation has also been accused of trying to teach teenager than using contraception is a semi-murder and of having links with the Opus Dei (1)

——Involved persons:
François-Xavier Pérès- president
Tugdual Derville- chair
He joined Alliance Vita in 1994. He is a spokesperson for La Manif Pour Tous. He opposes same-sex marriages, abortion, euthanasia but also same-sex civil partnerships (2). Stated during the debates on same-sex marriage that persons with mental disabilities too were concerned with the question of them wanting a child (3).
Christine Boutin- founder
French politician, she founded several political parties (Forum des Républicains Sociaux, Parti chrétien-démocrate), minister of housing and urban development from 2007 to 2009 and MP from 1986 to 2007. She is famous in France for her opposition to abortion, euthansia, same-sex-marriages and civil partnerships, adoption for homosexuals and her defense of the Catholic Church's dogma. In her book Le Mariage des homosexuels she wrote: "where will we draw the line for an adopted child between homosexuality and pedophilia?".
—Links with other organisations: La Manif pour tous, possibly Opus Dei (according to the telegraph) (4).
—Key statement: : "A girl who has an abortion commits intentional murder" (5)
Legal existence: Yes. RNA number W751113684 (since 2011. Previously called "Alliance pour les droits de la vie")
Financing: ——Through funding. Because of its status as a common interest organisation, donations to Alliance Vita receive a 66% tax deduction.