Care for Europe

—CARE for Europe is an NGO, and EU lobby arm of the charity CARE – Christian Action Research and Education.

—It generates policy studies and papers on human rights (particularly the trafficking of women), freedom of religion, bio-ethics and family life from a Christian and anti-choice perspective. They strongly opposed the roadmap against homophobia in Europe because, according to them, homosexuality is a "lifestyle" that shall not fall under anti-discrimination laws for objective criteria (1).

—Involved persons:
Paul Moynan - Director
He also runs a private ecommerce consultancy: Moynan consulting. Stated: —"This is not a slippery slope, but a rapid avalanche by this culture of death. As Christians, we should be the first to recognise that it is not for us to decide when we die; and so in every country we should fight any attempt to weaken laws that protect life.“ (2)
EU accreditation.
—Links with other organisations: —Care for Europe is a registered member of COATNET (Christian Organisations against the Trafficking of Women) and Stop the Traffik. Campaigned for the One of Us citizen initiative that aimed at forbidding the financing of all activities (including stem cell research) that could lead to the destruction of embryos.
—Key statement: —“If it (euthanasia) is ‘routinized’(…) would there not be a risk that it develops from being a ‘right to die’ to becoming a ‘duty to die’, especially for those only being kept alive by the benefit of expensive medical treatment in an age of restricted budgets?” (3)
Legal existence: —Is registered in Belgium as an AISBL/IVZW (International Non-Profit Organisation) – Tax number: BE 0465.296.132
Financing: —90% comes from donations, 10% comes from contributions to joint activities. Revenue: 182,155 Euro (2012-2013). (4)

—EU Accreditation: Yes. —Number: 53978806567-10

Location: Brussels
Contact:  205/14 Rue Belliard, Brussels 1040