Humanism is an ethical worldview affirming that individuals have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. Deeply committed to the protection of Human Rights, humanism defends the right for everyone to choose their beliefs, values and lifestyles, subject only to them not interfering with other people’s rights.

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    Romania: homophobic referendum fails. Time to work towards equality. 10/08/2018

    Bucharest, Romania – The EHF congratulates the Romanian people for refusing the exclusionary ideas pushed by extremist reactionary lobbies and the Orthodox Church in this weekend’s homophobic referendum. We however remain vigilant that the message addressed by the people will be upheld in practice. This result comes after a number of controversies concerning the way […]

    When politics overwrite values: Romania’s homophobic referendum 10/02/2018

    Imagine a country where a referendum is scheduled with less than a month’s notice, leaving too little time for public administrations to sufficiently prepare and provide basic guarantees. Now imagine that this referendum, pushed by religious extremists and aiming at making homophobic changes to the constitution, was supported by a government because it allowed a […]

    International Safe Abortion Day: EHF publishes abortion status report 09/28/2018

    Access to abortion in Europe appears to be a vested right. In reality, however, it is nothing of the kind. Attacks by anti- choice groups, both open and insidious, are increasing. Shaming of women remains the rule. Barriers to women’s sexual and reproductive autonomy are a manifestation of institutionalised sexism, and must be fought as […]