Humanism is an ethical worldview affirming that individuals have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. Deeply committed to the protection of Human Rights, humanism defends the right for everyone to choose their beliefs, values and lifestyles, subject only to them not interfering with other people’s rights.

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  • “We are missing out the voices of people who have had an abortion” – Interview with Eva De Goeij

  • [Opinion]: Critical thinking at critical times

  • Coronavirus outbreak: emergency measures must not be used to roll back fundamental rights


    “We are missing out the voices of people who have had an abortion” – Interview with Eva De Goeij 03/31/2020

    In these challenging times, access to contraception and abortion are among the most vulnerable rights. Shortage in production of supplies and stock-outs, shipping delays, restriction of abortion services by the government, no access to telemedical services… These issues reveal how sexual and reproductive health and rights are affected by the global crisis. A pressing need […]

    [Opinion] Critical thinking at critical times 03/27/2020

    By Mar Fernández. Some have criticized the pot-banging protest during the speech of King Philip VI on the coronavirus crisis we are experiencing, amid a great controversy – that was watered down by the context itself – about the misappropriation of millions of euros by his father Juan Carlos de Borbon. Criticism did not only […]

    Swiss Freethinkers launch “Secular Refugee Aid” programme 03/26/2020

    In order to better support people who have fled to Switzerland because of their religious distance, the Swiss Freethinkers Association is starting the programme “ – A humanistic refugee aid”. The programme was meant to be launched at the event on Apostasy Day on 21 March at the Kunsthaus Zurich, but unfortunately, this could not […]