• Finland: secular people with two state churches

    Posted on the 23/04/20 - under the Finland, Secularism, thematics

    By Antti Vari and Jori Mäntysalo, Vice-President and President of the local Freethinkers Union in Tampere, Finland. In early 2020, the Union of Freethinkers of Finland sent a letter to every Member of the Parliament of Finland asking whether it is not time now to separate the church(-es) and the ...

  • [Opinion] Critical thinking at critical times

    Posted on the 23/04/20 - under the Secularism, Spain, thematics

    By Mar Fernández. Some have criticized the pot-banging protest during the speech of King Philip VI on the coronavirus crisis we are experiencing, amid a great controversy – that was watered down by the context itself – about the misappropriation of millions of euros by his father Juan Carlos ...

  • [Opinion] The « Affaire Mila » reveals several burning questions

    Posted on the 23/04/20 - under the Blasphemy, FoRB, France, Religion, thematics

    By Martine Cerf The case itself and its many twists and turns have continually challenged the understanding of freedom of expression, the identification of the victim and the role of the State. Let us try to review these questions and the errors of judgment that they sometimes unveil.   Some people...