EHF President Michael Bauer: Russian deserters should be granted asylum

EHF President Michael Bauer: Russian deserters should be granted asylum

Posted on the 17/03/22

“Anyone who does not want to take part in a war of aggression that violates international law should enjoy our full solidarity, ” said  EHF president Michael Bauer on Tuesday in Berlin.
Many young men are conscripted into the Russian army without wanting to share or support the goals of Putin’s regime, they would be sent into a murderous war against their conscience. “Democratic European countries in particular should not leave these young people alone. Turning your back on a criminal army and refusing to kill is a sign of great courage and deserves our respect,” said Bauer.
He sees the prerequisites for recognition as politically persecuted and therefore expressly advocates for granting protection and asylum to those affected in democratic European countries, and welcomes political initiatives to that effect. 

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