The EHF takes part in the first conference on Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law at the EESC

The EHF takes part in the first conference on Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law at the EESC

Posted on the 07/11/19

On 5 November, the European Humanist Federation attended the first conference on Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law-Trends in the EU from a civil society perspective, organized by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

The Conference brought together representative of European institutions, EESC members of all three groups, representing “Employers” (Group I), “Workers” (Group II) and “Diversity Europe Group” (Group III), as well as numerous representative of European civil society (NGOs, trade-unions…).

The EESC Fundamental Rights and Rule of Law (FRRL) group presented its interim report on five EU countries (Romania, Poland, Hungary, France, Austria). The Group met a broad range of stakeholders in these countries to draft this report on challenges to democracy, fundamental rights and the rule of law in these countries. Visits to all EU member States are planned.

The Conference was an exceptional opportunity to broaden the debate on the EU’s response to challenges to the rule of law and fundamental rights. Far from being restricted to institutions representative, civil society was able to make its voice heard and bring another light on these crucial issues.

For the EHF, preserving the rule of law and democracy is a primary concern. A strong democratic system, founded on the rule of law and guaranteeing the effective exercise of fundamental rights, is a condition of the realization of humanist values.

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