Global climate strike

Global climate strike

Posted on the 24/09/21

Another world is possible – a better world is possible! The largest youth movement in Germany, Fridays for Future, which is supported by many alliances, feels certain about the option of a better future.  On September 24, they are asking people all over the world to join them on the streets and show up for change, especially for climate justice. Fridays For Future Germany calls on governments at local, state and federal level to take immediate action with the aim to avert a climate catastrophe. Only fundamental changes can make an actual difference. And those are necessary across many sectors, such as energy generation, housing and construction, industry, transport and traffic, and agriculture.

From a humanist standpoint, the political debate around the climate crisis needs to additionally include important topics of refugee policy. The tragedy of having to flee a home country due to catastrophic climatic changes, needs to be met with responsibility and solidarity. A humanist worldview is based on reason and humanity, therefore countries being significantly causal for the catastrophic situation of other parts of the world need to take responsibility, for a better, fairer world.

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