Agenda Europe


Agenda Europe is a blog by “anonymous citizens” that has very strong anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality stances.

Agenda Europe uses bashing and approximations (when not blatant lies) as means of persuasion. It also seems to be obsessed by homosexuality. Homosexuals are constantly described as people who “chose sodomy”, “sodomites” and “sexual perverts”.

Transgenders are described as “i.e. a man believing to be a woman”. Personal attacks against human rights activists or EU officials are also a strategy. (1) The site also supports the reintroduction of death penalty (2).

Involved persons: Anonymous bloggers and a few known anti-choice figures.

Links with other organisations: Paul Moynan of Care for Europe is one of the writers. Relays information from a variety of fundamentalist Christian organisations.

Key statement: “If they were aware, they would probably stop seeing homosexuals as victims of discrimination, and instead view them as victims of self-destruction.” (3)

Legal existence: Not found.

Financing: Not found.

EU Accreditation: No.

Location: Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg