Dignitatis Humanae Institute

Dignitatis Humanae Institute


The Dignitatis Humanae Institute is an anti-choice think-tank. 


The Institute is a think tank that conducts research, issues articles and press releases, organizes press conferences and coordinates affiliated parliamentary working groups in the UK, Romania and Lithuania. It aims at “promoting dignity based on the recognition that Man is made in the image and likeness of God”.

Persons involved:

Luca Volonte: Member of Board of Trustees
Former Italian Member of Parliament and EPP President at the COE. Currently honorary President EPP/PACE at the CoE. D.G. of Novae Terrae Foundation. Dignitatis Humanae Chairman. Stated: “the world is busy protecting puppy seals and whales, fighting against experimentation on dogs – but more than willing to kill its children.” (3)
Leo Van Doesburg: Director of Parliamentary Relations.
Director for European Affairs and Policy Advising for the European Christian Political Movement and anti-SRHR and LGBTI rights blogger. He stated thay “those who oppose the One of Us initiative tried to silence millions of European Citizens who are genuinely concerned about the funding of the embryonic stem cell research and promoting abortion in developing countries.” (2)
Benjamin Harnwell: Founder & President of the Board of Trustees.

Board member ECPM. Stated: “the Dignitatis Humanae Institute very strongly believes that our contemporary age, in its strategic undermining of the traditional family, is hollowing out one of the pillars of Western Society. And if this continues, the West will surely go the way of Rome, one and a half thousand years ago.”  (3)
Nirj Deva: President of the International Committee on Human Dignity.
MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Working Group on Human Dignity since its launch in 2009.
Daniel Howard: Director of External Affairs.
Rocco Butiligione: Patron.
Ingrid Grosu: International Committee Secretary General.

Links with other organisations: Partners: Fondazione Novae, ECPM.

Key statement: “DHI is a direct response to a growing secularist intolerance to Christians of all confessions that has led to a myriad of attacks on human dignity.” (4)

Legal existence: Not found.

Financing: Donations. Revenue: Not found as legal existence unknown.

EU Accreditation: No.

Location: Rome.

Contact: Via delle Fornaci 44, 00165 Rome, office@dignitatishumanae.com