La Manif Pour Tous

La Manif Pour Tous


Originally created to oppose the French bill on same-sex marriage, La Manif Pour Tous (LMPT) has broaden its claims to the defense of the “traditional family” and the opposition to a fictional “gender theory”.


While claiming to be politically independant, LMPT is mostly supported by right to far-right politicians and religious organisations. —They claim to reject homophobia whilst arguing for restrictions on marriage equality and rejecting adoption as well as assisted reproduction for same-sex couples. They also strongly opposed school programmes aiming at gender equality, claiming that those would “teach” homosexuality and masturbation to children. Many controversies arose from their demonstration slogans (ex: one picture of a monkey stating “marriage for all… why not for him?”)

Persons involved:

Tugdual Derville: Spokesman

Chair of Alliance Vita. He opposes same-sex marriages, abortion, euthanasia but also same-sex civil partnerships. Stated during the debates on same-sex marriage that person with mental disabilities too were concerned with the question of them wanting a child (1).

Ludivine de la Rochère: President.

In charge of the communication for the Jérome Lejeune foundation. Was in charge of the communication for the Bishops’ Conference of France. As founder of LMPT she strongly opposed same-sex marriage and also expressed her opposition to civil partnerships for same-sex couples and to an imaginary “gender theory” that would aim at “erasing all biological differences between men and women” (2).

Links with other organisations: Many links with anti-choice organisations (Alliance Vita, Fondation Jérome Lejeune) and with far-right organisations.

Key statement: “We express the refusal of same-sex marriage, adoption for all, PMA (medically assisted procreation) for all, GPA (surrogacy), and the enacting of gender theory.” (3)

Legal existence: Non-profit social/campaign organisation – SIREN: 791 200 934, SIRET: 791 200 934 00028. APE: 9499Z

Financing: Public donations. Revenue: Not published. (4)

EU Accreditation: No.

Location: Paris.

Contact: 115 rue de l’Abbé Groult, 75015 Paris –