Renew Europe Calls on EP to Declare the EU an LGBTI Freedom Zone

Renew Europe Calls on EP to Declare the EU an LGBTI Freedom Zone

Posted on the 11/02/21

The EHF is happy to see the proposal from Renew Europe regarding the declaring of Europe as an LGBTI Freedom Zone, and fully supports this proposal. 

Renew Europe is a large Centrist party in the European Parliament, consisting of centrist parties from all over the EU. With this proposal, Renew Europe opposes the LGBTI-free zones in Poland, and shows the rest of the EU that hatred and discrimination within its borders is not accepted. 

The EHF has historically opposed the discrimination faced by the LGBTI community in Poland by its government, and worked closely with our Polish colleagues to do so. By declaring the EU an LGBTI Freedom Zone, we hope to move towards a future where who you love, no longer determines how you are treated, or even, in the case of Poland, where you can live. 







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