Our Team

Our Team

The EHF's Secretariat is run by a small and dynamic team of three staff members with different experience and backgrounds.

  • Pierre-Arnaud Perrouty – Director

    / +32 2 627 68 31

    Pierre-Arnaud leads the strategic direction of the EHF and promotes its missions to new stakeholders and audiences. He has an extensive experience in human rights campaigning and advocacy with a special focus on civil liberties, equality and diversity issues. He holds a master in law from Brussels University (ULB) and a master in European Law from Oxford University.

    Pierre-Arnaud is also Secretary General of the Belgian Human Rights League and an appointed member of the Belgian Council for Journalistic Deontology.

  • Julie Pernet – Policy

    / +32 2 627 68 24

    Julie works to develop EHF policies and advocacy in the fields of women’s rights, freedom of religion and belief, rule of law, stem cells research and LGBTI rights. She also works as liaison officer for EHF member organisations.

    Julie holds a double Master degree in political sciences from Sciences Po Aix (France) and in European Affairs from the Institute of European Studies – ULB (Belgium).

    Julie is also lecturer at the Institute for Higher Social Communication Studies (IHECS) and Board Member of the Brussels Rainbowhouse.

  • Marc Soignet – Communications

    / +32 2 627 68 30

    Marc takes care of the EHF’s communication, web presence, social media and media coverage.

    Marc holds an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering as well as an MA from the College of Europe in Natolin, Poland. Before joining the humanist movement, he worked as Technical & Regulatory Policy Manager at DIGITALEUROPE and Public Affairs Consultant at Platte Consult GmbH/Sprl.

    Marc is also Board Member of the Brussels section of the Young European Federalists.